Be Like Aristotle.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


Someone who holds my hand
As we roam the land
Someone who feels my pain
Someone who calls my name
Someone who lifts me up
When life has cut me up
Someone who sees my soul
Beneath these bullet holes
Someone who lights my day
By only kindnesses say
Someone who hears my words
And knows the inner works
Someone who thinks me great
For all that I create
Someone who doesn’t mind
The utter deformities he’ll find.

#EurekaMoment 27: Problems with internal communications? Be AGILE.

Organisations are often plagued by problematic internal communications. For us communicators, this causes a huge difficulty for our work, because without content – especially content coming directly from experts – we are stuck. So how can we go about resolving sub-par internal communications? Read more

#EurekaMoment 26: How to make your users stay on your site?

How much time does your average user spend on your website? When they spend too little time there, it will then be reflected in your analytics as bounce rate. A higher bounce rate will affect your search ranking, because the search engine assumes this is because your content is not fit for purpose, which may or may not be true.

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#EurekaMoment 25: Do not underestimate the power of images

And that includes videos.

You may be making a social media ad. Or publishing an article. Or shooting a video documentary.
The fact that you are employing images, either moving or still, means you need to make full use of their capacity to provide meaning and evoke emotions.

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10 tips on digital recruitment check-up

Recruitment is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspect of the health and wealth of an organisation. It will take years to remedy a bad recruitment, especially at senior levels, because mutual trust, positive professional relationships, and collegial rapport can be broken in an instance by just one rotten apple. Destructive work culture always spreads from the first bad hire.

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How to prevent homepage nazis from destroying your corporate website

I am sure the following sounds familiar to all digital marcom professionals:

Please link it from the homepage NOW.”
This is so important that it HAS to stay on the homepage until ‘I’ tell you when to take it down.”
It needs a lot MORE information on the homepage and then you HAVE to link it several times to MY page.
YOU will take personal responsibility if MY event does not have visibility because you FAIL to highlight it ENOUGH on the homepage.”

I call these people “Homepage Nazis“.

Basically, Homepage Nazis are self-centred ignoramuses who have with no inkling of how information is accessed on the internet.

They base their assumptions entirely on how they themselves surf the company website, and they fight tooth and nail to get what they want at the expense of others’ more important needs and above all, the organisation’s overarching marketing and communication needs. Read more

#EurekaMoment 24: What happens when you post content not tailored to your audience?

At best, nothing much. At its worst, it destroyed your online reputation. Posting content on social media that is not tailored to your target audience is really like throwing paper aeroplanes at your teacher. Either you’ve missed and didn’t hit her, and she has had her back turned. Or, you will suffer a massive backlash.

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