User Experience

#EurekaMoment 12: Suffering from a High Bounce Rate? Have you checked your UX?

Many times, a website suffers from a high bounce rate. It is normal that your site shows up in a search and the user doesn’t deem the content useful enough and thus leave. This results in a bounce. But things are slightly more complicated than that. Read more

Your personal museum guide: A fine UX example of the use of an app by a museum

If you own a museum, art gallery or runs an exhibition, have you ever thought about producing an app for your visitors? If so, how much have you considered user tasks analysis and customised your app’s user experience to facilitate those tasks? Here is a great example of the use of a mobile app by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Read more

Why it is important to mainstream UX into digital marketing and communications
Why it is important to mainstream UX into digital marketing and communications

Why it is important to mainstream UX into digital marketing and communications

I have come across many advertisements that ask for digital marketeers or online communicators that are skilled in, read carefully: SEO/SEA, Google analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile app marketing. But not a word about UX design in their digital marcom experience. Read more

I-S Magazine’s iPad app: Prime example of a great magazine app [Review]

More than six months ago, I did a review of a magazine’s iPad app (a TV-synopsis magazine called HUMO in Belgium) to show how print publishers are finding it hard to rethink their content presentation, sales and profit model, and marketing strategies since the advent of the tablet.

Since then, I have been on the search for the ultimate magazine iPad app to show you how magazines can, and should, devise great iPad app with great UX – AND make money out of the content. I-S magazine from Singapore emerges as a top winner in its own class. Read more

Keytrade Bank’s iPad app and KeyKash Android app [Review]

I think it is high time Belgian banks get their act together and produce quality mobile apps for their customers. ING and Rabobank were the first to have produced mobile apps for their clients. I would make a comparison between ING’s app and Keytrade’s towards the end of this review.

In terms of a user-friendly app specifically geared towards iPad users, Keytrade’s app, launched in November 2012, was well thought out. Read more

London 2012 Olympics iPad app [UX Review]

The London 2012 Olympics iPad app is a pretty nifty one. There is another app called Results but that is more for people checking out the results of each event. This app is entitled “Join In”, seems to be geared mostly towards people who are there in person. But it is done in a way that does not exclude the ordinary user who just want to follow the games at home (like myself). I will explain why later on.

Let me guide you through the app, and at each step, talk about the UI and UX of each category and in general. Once open, the app shows a clear menu bar at the bottom, with 8 categories: What’s On, Events, Map, Places, Buzz, Guide, My Games, Search.

A good UI would be to lessen the layers that a user needs to dive into, while not presenting too many choices at the top level. Each category needs to be self-explanatory and distinct from the next. As an iPad app, the app needs to make full use of the capacities and functions of the device, and caters to and offers the user the use of these communication and utilitarian advantages. Read more

IKEA app to use augmented reality to help you visualize your new decor

Come 31 July, IKEA will launch “its best product yet” – an augmented reality catalogue app, according to Gizmodo. Customers will be able to project how a piece of furniture will look in their room, whether the colour fits the wall etc, apart from browsing what is available. This will bring catalogue browsing to a whole new level! This is making full use of the technology available and putting themselves in the shoes of the customers and analyzing their needs. Will do a UX/UI review of the app when it is out. Can’t wait!



Print people have difficulty embracing digital…

This is another uninteresting venture by print people in making iPad apps.

The Straits Times of Singapore fail to understand an app is not the tablet version of their website.

While I appreciate the choice of font and the clarity of it, you cannot zoom in or out, nor can you share the article on a social network. In many ways, this is worse than their website. FAIL.