Digital Transformation

10 tips on digital recruitment check-up

Recruitment is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspect of the health and wealth of an organisation. It will take years to remedy a bad recruitment, especially at senior levels, because mutual trust, positive professional relationships, and collegial rapport can be broken in an instance by just one rotten apple. Destructive work culture always spreads from the first bad hire.

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#EurekaMoment 23: There is no external communications without internal communications

Not a few companies I have worked with were looking for help with their marcom capacity, but for these organisations, they did not realise that they first have to resolve a fundamental lack of healthy internal communications. Because without internal communications, you do not have external communications. Read more

Cultural Change in the Era of the Connected

I recently attended a seminar organised by IT consultancy firm OCTO Technology here in Brussels, where they talked about “The Giants of the Web”.

In essence, the seminar was about the things that successful web companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon etc are doing, that accounts for their initial and continued success, and that distinguishes them from the other (i.e. unsuccessful) companies. Read more