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How is the EU communicating in the Age of Digital Disruption? Case Study of the ‘End of Roaming’

In the aftermath of Brexit and the rise of anti-EU movements across Europe, the European Union is often portrayed as an undemocratic body that legislates in isolation, far removed from the daily reality faced by European citizens. This begs the question whether the EU is communicating effectively with citizens, because this communications process is an indispensable element of the modern European political system, and is crucial in instilling a sense of participation among the citizenry in the decision-making process. In the Age of Digital Disruption, digital media provides both an opportunity and a threat to how the state interacts with the population. Taking the data collected during the launch of The End of Roaming on 22 June 2017, Harold Tor analyses the state of play of the information-sharing and interactions between different EU-level actors, member states, the media and citizens – a matter that lies at the very heart of the existential crisis faced by the supranational body today. Read more

How Facebook Violated My Privacy (And How You Can Stop It)

Before you continue reading, you must first understand I am not a left-wing nuthead waving my fist and raving against Facebook because I am some privacy evangelist who believes in some government-technology conspiracy to lay their dirty fingers all over our insignificant conversations. Not at all. If you are one yourself, please leave now. Read more

First Glance at Twitter’s new Event Targeting advertising: Careful when you dip your Toes into the Deep Waters of Global Events

Twitter recently introduced a new feature that make marketeers jump up in joy. Called ‘event targeting’, the feature allows you to create a promoted tweet at major global events. As Twitter outlined in its 23rd July blogpost during the very quiet rollout of this feature, event targeting helps you ‘activate around live moments, quickly and easily‘. Read more

Twitter introduces new Highlights feature to help you use it

[UPDATED on 28 July 2015] Recently, Twitter pushed out a new feature (this is still being rolled out) called Highlights. When I first got it, I thought it was a great feature: it really helps you cut down the clutter, and if you follow tons of people, it really gives you an overview of the stuff you may have missed after the last time you used it. Read more

The Internet Never Sleeps: Case Studies of how Airlines Use Social Media and How This reflects on their Brand Image and Degree of Dedication to Customer Care

Earlier this month, I wrote about how Finnair and the Helsinki Airport made very good use of social media to gather information about their clients and on how to enhance an air traveller’s experience the moment he steps into one airport until he leaves another. Read more

A prime example of social media marketing: Quality Hunters

The travel industry has always been one of the most innovative users of social media marketing. Today, I would like to highlight one of the star examples of its use: the Quality Hunters

For the third year round, Quality Hunters is a community conversation exercise jointly organised by Finnair and the Helsinki Airport. It has a website (which houses a blog, a Facebook page, a Pinterest page and a Twitter account. “So what?”, you ask. Well, it is not the channels they use, but the way they use it and what they use it for. Read more

Cultural Change in the Era of the Connected

I recently attended a seminar organised by IT consultancy firm OCTO Technology here in Brussels, where they talked about “The Giants of the Web”.

In essence, the seminar was about the things that successful web companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon etc are doing, that accounts for their initial and continued success, and that distinguishes them from the other (i.e. unsuccessful) companies. Read more

5 reasons why you should NOT use social media marketing

I am often bemused by these enumerated mantras churned out by marketing gurus. To what extent people exactly believe such mantras is a mystery to me, but it is certain that with the rise of social media, advertising and marketing directors and managers have been cooking up new theories and methodologies, invented words and ideas to mystify the things that they do so as to raise the status of their work.

As cynical as I may sound, I am actually one of them. But unlike them, I seriously advise you NOT to engage in social media should you identify with any one of the reasons below: Read more