#EurekaMoment 03: Size Does Matter

January 7, 2017 Harold Tor-Daenens

#EurekaMoment 03: Size Does Matter

There is absolutely no reason why marketing has KPI and communications doesn’t. Yes, I’m talking to you comms professionals. Organisations have concentrated too much on marketing bringing in returns on investments, that they think reach and engagement is directly linked to sales. Wrong, it doesn’t. However, it does lead to an increase in your visibility, your story and how your target audience could be included in weaving the storyline. As I’ve explained in the last post, these are artificial divides that makes an organisation an ineffective group of people who sing in different tunes. It’s time that PR and PA professionals measure the impact of their communications.

Who are your target audience? Are they the members of the media, policy makers, industry movers and shakers? Where are they located? When was the last time they have read about or seen your story? What impressions did they have of your story? How can you make your story more convincing? How can we measure all of that in quantifiable terms, so as to establish a benchmark?

Remember, analytics are not restricted to marketing. Communications analytics are just as vital to your organisation’s eco-system.


Eureka Moments are not so much moments of sudden realisation or enlightenment like Archimedes. They are moments while I am in my commute when I get to reflect on things that someone mentioned to me, things that I am confronted with, things that I or others have sought a solution for. They are more ‘oh I get it’ rather than ‘I have discovered it’. 

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