#EurekaMoment 01: The Importance of Role Assignment

January 3, 2017 Harold Tor

#EurekaMoment 01: The Importance of Role Assignment

This is the most fundamental of all team work: role assignment. Many people thought by simply appointing to a team, people of different hierarchy and positions that is role assignment. Wrong. It actually goes deeper than that.

The team leader first needs to have an idea of the whole project: the tasks that need to be done, the schedule, the reports, the communication processes, the checks and balances. Everyone needs to be fully aware of where they stand, who they report to, what their tasks are, what their responsibilities are.

This will help to reduce the unnecessary tensions among team members, because personal expectations are different. So long as we do not make that 100% clear, and to reiterate these expectations again and again, there will be hiccups to your project.


Role assignment is the first step to every single project

Remember, the lack of role assignment is the direct highway to crashing your project through internal politics, no matter how brilliant each and every of your team members is.

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Eureka Moments are not so much moments of sudden realisation or enlightenment like Archimedes. They are moments while I am in my commute when I get to reflect on things that someone mentioned to me, things that I am confronted with, things that I or others have sought a solution for. They are more ‘oh I get it’ rather than ‘I have discovered it’. 

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