#EurekaMoment 08: Why ‘everybody’ is not a target audience

It may come as a surprise but there are still people in this world who think ‘everybody’ (or the ‘general public’) is a target audience. Yes. And it is dangerous that these people hold the position of presidents, CEOs, chairmen, vice presidents or even heads of marketing, campaign or public affairs. They are the main stumbling block to the success of all their organisation’s communications deliverables – be it an ad, a press release, a position paper, a product launch, a speech or a website. Read more

#EurekaMoment 06: Numbers don’t tell the stories. Stories do.

In my job, I was often asked by my clients to produce infographics. Apart from explaining processes, infographics are useful in bringing to attention numbers and figures that help to explain the severity of certain situations. But numbers can help prove a fact, but only storytelling can win them over to your side. Read more

#EurekaMoment 04: What do you want your users to pay in?

No, users do not want to pay for anything. They do not want to pay for content like film, music, series etc, they do not want to pay for an app, they do not want to pay for quality news, they also do not want to pay for access. That creates a problem for our traditional way of selling and buying. Read more

#EurekaMoment 03: Size Does Matter

There is absolutely no reason why marketing has KPI and communications doesn’t. Yes, I’m talking to you comms professionals. Organisations have concentrated too much on marketing bringing in returns on investments, that they think reach and engagement is directly linked to sales. Wrong, it doesn’t. However, it does lead to an increase in your visibility, your story and how your target audience could be included in weaving the storyline. As I’ve explained in the last post, these are artificial divides that makes an organisation an ineffective group of people who sing in different tunes. It’s time that PR and PA professionals measure the impact of their communications. Read more

#EurekaMoment 02: Everything is Communications

We love building silos. Silos define the boundaries of our department so that no one outside of it can touch it. We make sure that everyone working in our team does not communicate directly with someone from another team, because you – as the team leader – want to ensure what information gets through and what doesn’t. Read more

How do you use Twitter? The Case of BPost (Belgium), Swiss Post, Deutsche Post (Germany) and La Poste (France)

BPost (Belgium)

My doorbell rang this morning, I picked up the parlophone. It was the postwoman: “Harold Tor? Come pick up your parcel I will only wait a moment”.

Still half-asleep and half-naked, I quickly put on some trousers and a T-shirt and rushed downstairs. Postwoman Samia stood there, with my letter. I said Hello, and this young woman barely out of school shot me an arrogant look: “Passport?!Read more