Why it is important to mainstream UX into digital marketing and communications

June 11, 2013 Harold Tor-Daenens

Why it is important to mainstream UX into digital marketing and communications

I have come across many advertisements that ask for digital marketeers or online communicators that are skilled in, read carefully: SEO/SEA, Google analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile app marketing. But not a word about UX design in their digital marcom experience.

How is it possible that being an experienced digital marketeer you ignore the fact that UX is a crucial factor in the success of your digital marketing and communications strategy?!

Web marketing

From backlinks of the previous years to quality content of today, SEO has been the staple strategy of digital marketeers. However well you position yourself in optimising your site for good search ranking, you will not escape the fact that bad UX of your target audience will not enhance the results of your sales. Getting your customers onto your site is one thing, but only good UX will lead them to buy your products or services. UX is the second vital component of your digitam marcom for you to convert traffic into sales.

App marketing

More and more digital marketeers engage themselves in app marketing and leave the entire development to app developers. Unless the app development agency engages a UX specialist or you have one within your own marcom team, you are giving away the opportunity to ensure a great app with an invisible UX to help you market your brand, products or services. Having an app will do wonders to your organisation, and if your sales depend on how you market yourselves to your customers through the app, UX is part of the equation, not an afterthought.

Why it matters

UX is not only about how convenient or idiot-proof your site or app is. It is about creating a positive experience for your target audience.

UX brings in factors such as psychology, human-computer interaction, environmental sounds and sights. It looks at how colours influence decisions (evoke emotions such as tranquility or bodily reactions such as hunger) – take a look at this infographics on colours. It looks at how fonts, placement of buttons and wording of those buttons create a seamless thought-free experience from your user. It looks at how different words evoke different feelings.

As a digital marcom professional, you should not limit yourself to a narrow jobscope-defined cardboard box of activities. It is your responsibility to combine skills, knowhow, science, art, psychology into what you do.



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