November 2018

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Oud Leuven: #3 S. Gheertruydts kerck, Clooster, abdie

Name on the map: S. Gheertruydts kerck, Clooster, abdie
Other names: –
Current name: Sint-Geertruikerk, Sint-Geertruisabdij

The origins of the Saint Gertrude’s Abbey in Leuven dates back to a 12-century chapel that was transformed by Duke Henry I in 1206 to a priory for Augustinian cannons. The new church of the priory, that was built soon after 1206, became the parish chuch of the newly founded Saint Gertrude’s parish – one of the parishes in the inner city of Leuven that split from the main Saint Peter’s parish. Thanks to the financial support of Duke John I in 1298, the parish was further built up and its property enlarged to both banks of the River Dijle. Important but unidentified construction work was described by its Parish Priest Godefroid d’Udekem (1307-1320) and a large part of reconstruction took place after a fire in 1326. Read more

Google Search is 20 years old: What to expect next and what Google still does not get

Recently, Google celebrated 20 years of Google Search, and I attended its anniversary event in Brussels. The event was jointly organised with Edima, ESBA, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Allied for Startups.

What was not advertised about the event but of huge interest to SEO experts around the world, was the presentation by Pandu Nayak, Google Fellow and Vice President of Search. As part of Google’s core Search leadership team, Pandu Nayak is in charge of ranking.

Mr Nayak gave a peak of what is to be expected of Google Search and search ranking that will ultimately change much of what we now do for search engine optimisation. Read more