Two Sparrows

August 26, 2015 Harold Tor-Daenens

Two Sparrows

The first drop of frost breathes a chill,
Echoes of silence the forest fill.
I open my eyes and turn to thee,
Fearing to stir thy gentle sleep.

Thou art a mirror of my broken self.
Ruffled feathers, dented skull.
From young hath thou learnt to play
Hide and seek with birds of prey.

Ne’er have I thought that I would meet
Another sparrow with a soul so sweet.
Another sparrow with only a wing,
That everyone thought wouldn’t last the spring.

But shoulder to shoulder we have flown,
Above the clouds, the skies we own.
We’re two birds each a broken limb.
Together we write our song to sing.

Oh come what may, oh come what may.
The long night will soon end in day.
The storm will pass, the winds will stop.
The sun will shine ‘pon the yew trees top.

Slowly you wake, and look at me,
With eyes that are deeper than the sea.
Softly you plant a kiss on ‘m lips,
As we watch dew off the branches slip.

Oh come what may, oh come what may.
From Dusk till Dawn, together we stay.
Nothing extraordinary want you and me,
Just two sparrows in love, forever be.

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