May 4, 2010 Harold Tor-Daenens


I came into the world alone
Sitting in a tree.
I looked around the nest and found
There was none but me.

Alas my parents had long aflown
Squabbling o’er the sky.
My siblings building nests their own
I have to stay in mine.

I’ve learnt to crawl my way on earth
Feeding on kindness fell.
Vultures, crows and birds of curse
Roaming in my hell.

One day I broke my tinsel wing
Choking in mud and clay.
God took pity, mended my limb
For so much that I had prayed.

I flew hard to a land afar
And met a sparrow too.
He was bright, cheery and kind of heart
But we could not fly a’two.

We came into this world alone
And alone we shall leave.
Who’ll remember your passing now?
Who will your absence grieve?

The world has no place for a bird
Living out of fear.
But where to find the strength to live
To stop the flow of tears?



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