May 2012

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Why some Chinese have English names?

Why do some Chinese have English names?

China is fast becoming the place in the world to do business, and the only place now in the world where growth figures are still in the positive. Old superpowers such as western Europe can only mire in their EU bureaucracy while the euro sinks further in value.

When you switch on the television, there are always at least one report on China every single day.

I happened to be doing just that the other day when the Chinese man being interviewed was presented as “Jason Li”.

Now, Jason’s English was relatively good for a Chinese person. You could make out what he was trying to say if you knew Mandarin yourself. But otherwise any effort to comprehend his English was futile.

Why on earth does he call himself Jason? Read more

Keep your signs within sight, lest your guests run amok!


Ghent, 28 May 2012, Belgium

As I was strolling around the city today, I found this sign interesting. The panel in the left picture is the back part of it, in the counter-traffic direction. The panel in the right picture is the front part, facing incoming traffic.

As in accordance to traffic rules, the handicap parking panel is to be placed on the side of the road of the parking lot, just before it and facing the traffic. The lots are also clearly marked with a wheelchair sign. Read more

Unrelated instructions are the worst cases of bad UX


Brussels Airport Train Station, 26 May 2012, Belgium

This instance shows how people often flout a major rule in design: unrelated instructions

I have no idea why the wheelchair sign is placed beside the ticket vending machine. It probably means that the machine is of a wheelchair-friendly height. But if a sign is not immediately clear to the user, it is useless or may even be counter-productive.