Today, more than ever, good results produced by EU advocacy campaigns are crucial to the survival of any organisation. The pressure on public affairs professionals to perform is huge, notwithstanding the fact that their work is often overlooked and under-appreciated until things go sideways.

To help you with your work, I regularly send tips and tricks to both seasoned and starting EU public affairs professionals on how to ensure success in their EU advocacy projects. Here are some of the issues which I write about:

  • When should you start your planning?
  • What threats are there in the horizon?
  • How to get buy-ins from your project?
  • How do you reach out to the EU media?
  • When should you start planning your campaign?

Feel free to suggest any ideas, questions or situations that you think I should address in my updates!

Should you have any advocacy projects or campaigns that you need help with, simply reply to this email or write to me:

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