Random Thoughts

How Facebook Violated My Privacy (And How You Can Stop It)

Before you continue reading, you must first understand I am not a left-wing nuthead waving my fist and raving against Facebook because I am some privacy evangelist who believes in some government-technology conspiracy to lay their dirty fingers all over our insignificant conversations. Not at all. If you are one yourself, please leave now. Read more

Closure of Ford in Genk and the Post-Industrial Era

It really bothers me having to endure the tiresome discourse over the closure of the Ford factory here in Genk, Belgium. Politicians, economists, trade-unionists bask in the limelight on-site and in TV interviews to talk about the “human drama” that ensues. Reporters gasp breathlessly over the number of people who are going to lose their jobs and the future (ex-)factory workers decries the injustice they suffer after decades of dedication to the factory. Read more